About Rian Desourdie

Rian is a Tattoo Artist currently working at Studio Artease in Montreal, Canada.

When she was offered an apprenticeship in 2011 she sold everything she owned in Toronto and moved to Montreal, eager to begin. This was a unique opportunity to combine her artistic skills and creative passion into a profession and she wasn’t going to let it slip by. She quickly developed a penchant for illustrative, neotraditional and artistic styled tattoos, and prides herself on being a well-rounded tattoo artist who is constantly seeking to improve and hone her skills. Her tattoos are unique pieces custom-designed for her clients. Rian is trained and certified in sterilisation and bloodborne pathogens via Go Safety Compliance Centre.

Rian has a background in fine art history, studio art and design, with a penchant for graphic novels and a passion for tattoo history and culture. She has an affinity for superheroes, sci-fi and cheese. Rian speaks both English and French and dabbles in Dutch.

Wonder Woman is her hero.