About Erika Doyon

Erika has been a tattoo artist for 10 years.  She began her career as a tattoo artist in 2005, completing her apprenticeship in Montreal, under the supervision of Jeff Wiet.  She then moved to Ottawa in 2006 to pursue an opportunity to work with accomplished tattoo artist Kathy Wallace, owner of Living Colour Tattoos.  After 5 great years there, Erika made the decision to return to her hometown, Montreal, and pursue the dream of opening her own shop.  The next 2 years were dedicated to building up a happy and loyal client base and making that dream finally come true with Studio Artease.  While Erika is experienced in a wide range of styles, her passion is realism, portraiture, and Japanese.  Her background in illustration and design has cultivated an excellent understanding of proportion and colour theory, while years of working with traditional art mediums has developed her eye for fine detail.  Erika often participates in tattoo conventions across Canada and, to date, has won two Awards of Merit.  At the Montreal tattoo convention in 2008, she won second place in the realism category with her tattoo of actor Christopher Walken.  At the Ottawa tattoo convention in 2009, she won first prize for her portrayal of the character Captain Jack Sparrow and at the Halifax 2011 Maritime Tattoo Festival she took home 1st place for her portrait of James Dean.  Erika is fluent in French and English, so please do not hesitate to contact her in both languages.