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Catalina Galan

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About Catalina Galan

Catalina is Studio Arteases newest international artist! Coming straight from Santiago, Chile, she is looking to expand her horizons, Montreal being her chosen destination for 2016.

Her career as a tattoo artist began when she decided to mix some of her favorite things together: getting tattoos, being creative, and expressing herself through art. She started as an apprentice in Guarralupe Tattoo under Daniela Pabst, in 2012, in Santiago.

Her main style is characterized by her dot work technique and black work, although she loves working with colors as well!

Catalina speaks English and is on her way to learning French (she can understand and communicate if you’re patient with her), and if you speak Spanish, she will probably make a joke or two, being that it’s her first language. She lives with her beloved black furry cat friends and is a little cat crazy (as you can see by her lovely cat flash!).

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